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Love & Respect ...

♥ ; Sunday, June 06, 2010
안녕하세요. (:

Mid year is finally over!
Paper was super hard.
Those teachers set it to express level -.-
Mr Chen confessed, "teachers purposely set it hard for you guys to practice."
& 4 Normal classes marks is super nice.
Many fails & gets lecture from Mr Chen.

Skipped sch since 2nd last week of hols.
& only came on the last day of sch.
Mrs Tang is nice since its gonna be the hols, she didn't call.
Or else she'd call everyone's house up & ask.
But 4ND is like amazing.
Only 8 turned up :D
We're really united when its on skipping sch xD

Sch POP finally over.
I'm done with CCA now :D
Might be coming back for the end year events if I'm free enough to kaypo ard. :D
Reverb was supposed to have a performance for us.
But only the females were there, Ariff was late.
So he owes me a performance.
I'll be back during BBQ to hear it :D since BBQ is confirmed?

& my migraine visited me during the sec4s speech.
I forget whatever I wanna say.
& I'm sorry for not able to make my speech out to those of you.
I'll make it up one day, okay (:
Not now though, super busy with N's stuffs.

This might be the last update for now.
I may be abandoning this blog till I'm free.
I've no time to blog long post.
Revision for prelim & N lvl in 2 & 3mths.

Theres lots of interesting movies.
But I can't watch it.
Need to spend a fortune this year.
But I'm broke :X

To live is like love, all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct for it.
Sometimes skulls are thick. Sometimes hearts are vacant. Sometimes words don’t work.

@ 23:29
Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart. You will never walk alone.

♥ ; Thursday, April 01, 2010
안녕하세요. (:

Sat, 13th Mar 10
Overslept. Went for ptc.
Ptc sucks!
Went to IMM meet aisyah & salina & went home.

Sun, 14th Mar 10
Went to IMM late.
Make friends with the unnies there.
They're poly students.
They gossiped abt the fakers, fans & Shinee. LOL
It started to rain when Shinee arrived.
They performed 3 songs.
Went around with Aisyah, Salina & Dian aft that.

Mon, 15th Mar 10
Overslept, decided not to go for f&n class.
Got headache, haven't finish up workbook, haven't pack camp stuff, haven't shop finish for camp.
Wanted to meet up with hengqin & Irza at 10.30am but finish packing bag late.
Went to buy remaining things & off to sch & 12pm.
Decide such a long time for the HQ to be set up.
Someone set up the HQ while I'm talking with Mrs Phua.

Got drinks from 2 ppl, redbull & wintermelon.
Bring the cadets to classroom blk & I kept on running ard. Tiring~
They want to play games but I've absolutely no ideas.
I don't play games so don't ask me for any games.
Even if there is, I can't possibly ask them to play it.
Its an adult games, not for children to play it.
TOs & CIs will haunt me saying, safety is important, blahblahblah.
So I sort of leave the grps behind.
I don't really mingle with small kids. :X

Finally the rest came & take over.
I'm free! Set up the HQ with Suaykee & Zulaiha till dinner.
Very unorganized. So confused.
Flour game was 'interesting'.
So many ppl swallowed it. -.- Its not edible!
Alim sir very bad! He said twitter sucks!
Night walk was short, no time.
Alim sir, Nazifah & Amy scare us at 3rd floor. Damn.
But it was fun walking ard in the dark with them. :D
Cooked milo with the seniors.
& debrief till 11.40pm.
Wanted to go to classroom blk but forget aft bathing.
Was scare by Suaykee at the toilet.
Luckily had no heart attack.

Afini & Zulaiha was alr asleep when we came out of the toilet.
So many things happen in the toilet.
Lights went off & cockroach disturbing us.
Nivitha went to sleep aft hugging her bear & eating supper.
They left me alone at the HQ, in the dark. ):
Finish up f&n while eating supper.
Watch some videos & all the seniors chasing me to sleeping!
But I'm not that sleepy. I wanted to stay up but decided not to.

Tues, 16th Mar 10
Woken up by Afini at 6.30am.
Forget to woke up all the campers.
Thought they would be responsible enough to wake up themselves, but no.
They didn't ask us even.
They were lectured, breakfast & off to hiking.
Help the sec 3 soak the firewood half way & off to f&n.
Tempered with Mdm Yeo's phone.
Came back & finish up at HQ & chatted with Uncle Mike.
He's bored & wanted to disturb Hengqin but he was sleeping.

They came back, lunch-ed & gamed.
I like my last mission, the photo mission.
Anyhow add in since they're early & I wanted to.
I fall asleep during their sing-a-long.
Yihui kept asking me to talk to her but my eyes were alr closed. Sorry!
Dinner-ed, prepared for campfire & clean up.
Run here & there~ I bullied them! Muahahaha!

The campfire was seriously SHORT!
I've asked them to add in lotsss of song more.
But they add in 1 song.
They didn't bring a watch along I think.
Only last year's batch came & a few parents.
But the food is damn alot.
Performance by Alim sir & Liyana mdm was awesome! :D
If only the camp was longer, it'll be more fun.
Freedom from home for 1 night only.
I want a longer one!
That night was awesome. It was raining & cold!
& I forget to grab my jacket along. -.-

Loving someone isn't always about fairytales and fantasies.
It's about truth and realities.
As long as one heart still holds on,
Hope is never really gone.

@ 00:25
Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart. You will never walk alone.

♥ ; Wednesday, March 31, 2010
안녕하세요. (:

Sat, 20th Feb 10
Went for Boys Campcraft Competition.
It was 'ok', they did their best.
Alvin sir said, "I have no hopes & confidence in the boys team. I have hopes & expectation on the girls team. Do your best & don't be like the boys. Next week training on tues, wed & fri. I want you guys to do that shelter *points to another school's shelter*. Theres less lashings & poles to use."
That shelter was the boys shelter 2 yrs ago.
But I don't rmb anything abt it.
I was concentrating on the flagstaff.
& the mellet looks very heavy.

Sat, 27th Feb 10
Went to sch in the morn & practice.
Had lunch & cancelled practice.
Blast songs & slack in the canteen.
Went to Pierce Sec & had Girls Campcraft Competition.
We're all very nervous! Scary feeling~ Bees in the stomach.
The mellet was heavy!
But I managed to carry it up.
Manage to finish it fast.
Did it by 11mins 30secs.
Liyana Mdm was supportive, cheering for us.
It was very hot but windy aft we finish everything.

Congrats to the Girls team!
We did it! :D

A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you,
Even when you're fooling everyone else.
Friends come and go.
But best friends...
Yes, they will always be there for you.

@ 02:14
Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart. You will never walk alone.

♥ ; Tuesday, January 26, 2010
안녕하세요. (:

Happy 24th Birthday Kim Jaejoong!. :D

Math was okay.
Mr Chen gave 5 mins rest aft mass run.
Continue with work & time pass so fast.
Chem was funny.
Mrs Tang go toilet chased us go class.
All went toilet left only 5 ppl in class.
Ms Low didn't came & Mr Lionel relief us.
Rauda & Anuar quarrel with Mr Lionel.
& the class very noisy asking Anuar to fight with him.
4NC then kaypo go over & look.

Watch videos during eng & phys was okay.
Mr Ong is in reservice & Ms Lee relief us.
That Ms Lee looks somewhat familiar.
Mr Ong will be back next week. ):
My class will start hearing his shouts early in the morning, everyday soon.

So many 'news' had been flying around lately.
So much that I can't even catch up with it.
In one day, you can find plenty of 'news' abt the almost same topic.
I wonder, the media or haters started it, making us all confused abt it.
I don't even know who to believe. ):
But that gorilla looks so guilty & cunning.

In coffee there's sugar.
And along with the sky, it's cloud.
And to us, it's you.
We need you, we love you.

@ 00:00
Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart. You will never walk alone.

♥ ; Monday, January 25, 2010
안녕하세요. (:

Happy 20th Birthday Lee Junho!. :D

Sorry for the lack of updates.
Have been busy this few days & weeks with cyber & tv stuffs.

Christmas special on mubank was awesome! :D
Special girls & boys stage!
Watch SBS, KBS & MBC Gayo Daejun.
It was freaking awesome!
Performance + special stage collaboration with other groups. :D
But the connection sucks! With over 4000 ppl viewing it.
The parody, scandals stage, dance breaks & MJ Tributes was awesome! :D

SuJu performed as 10 on sbs but 9 on kbs & mbc.
Heechul was busy with his drama.
Kangin, Hankyung & Kibum wasn't there.
SuJu celebrated Sungmin birthday during It's You performance on new year! (:

Congrats on winning song of the year & artist of the year awards boys!
You guys are constantly thanking JB & not forgetting to mention him during acceptance speech.
I like how Kwonnie wrote abt one day during GD.
& he even end it with 11! :D
Sis & cousin came over on 30th & 31st.
& they surely know how to disturb me when I'm watching GD.
Making me miss 85mins of the show.
I hate it!

Its the third week of sch now.
Gonna be the fourth week tmr.
Busy with cca & sch stuffs. ):
With campcraft competition around the corner, I have less time to spend at home.
I missed so many shows due to cca.
Maths is getting interesting now.
& this year's p.e looks like its gonna be interesting with Mr Shaiful taking over.
But he's very open though.

Last friday's training was fun but bad.
Hand bruised, muscle cramps & back pain. ):
Can't wait to get together with the kpoppers soon! :D
Gonna be a busy week next week.
Thurs to wed, I dont know how it'll be with sch & cca.

When you realize those sorrowful stains in your life are just beautiful blemishes,
When hailstones and thunderstorms are great whether,
Because when you lean your head, you can find a shoulder there.

@ 00:00
Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart. You will never walk alone.


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